Tax Due Diligence

We can support our clients undergo tax due diligence of the company to be acquired or to be sold identifying company historical tax risks of the target company as well understanding the impact of risks and opportunities of the transaction.

Our international experience and our professional staff can ensure a smooth and efficient process and determine the market value, fair value and intrinsic value of a company’s tangible and intangible assets, complying with International Valuation Standards.

Tax Due Diligence Key Services:

  1. Identify preliminary tax structure;
  2. Identify cash flow impact of tax issues;
  3. Define tax structure;
  4. Identify tax liabilities;
  5. Tax exposure;
  6. Tax compliance;
  7. Provide “real-time” feedback regarding any potential tax issues or “deal breaker”;
  8. Assist with post-close mitigation and/or resolution of tax issues identified during the tax due diligence process;
  9. Ensure the correct application of Chinese accounting standards (CAS) and principles;
Assess whether the Company has kept proper accounting records and fulfilled obligations towards the relevant administrative and governmental authorities.