On January 2024 - In a significant move marking over a decade of fruitful collaboration, GWA Greatway Advisory, led by its Managing partners Giovanni Pisacane and Daniele Zibetti on one side, and Mr. Calvin Zhang, managing partner at Jun Kang Law Firm on the other side, have joined forces to establish GWA Law firm.

The new firm is aiming to provide more comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the evolving needs of international and domestic clients. The project represents the commitment of GWA to enhancing legal services and offering clients expertise across various domains of practice and dispute resolution.

In the past years, the team has already worked side by side in numerous cases, delivering remarkable results. Among the most recent successes, the team assisted a client (Italian company in the medical device sector) in overcoming a several million-euro dispute concerning machinery quality defect claims, in two separate arbitration proceedings against a State-Owned Enterprise. The dispute resolution team effectively defended the client's interests, securing favourable outcomes in front of one of the most prominent arbitration courts in Asia, CIETAC Beijing. Not to mention that this year, the team has successfully handled several commercial disputes and intellectual property cases, among those there were several patent infringements cases, which resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients, including compensation and cessation of infringement activities.

Giovanni Pisacane, Founder and Managing Partner of GWA and Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SHIAC) arbiter for several years, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, stating, "This collaboration marks a milestone in our growth in China. While we remain committed to upholding the GWA tradition of excellence in international commercial arbitration, this partnership allows us to improve our dispute resolution services, including domestic litigation and labor arbitration, to better serve our clients directly”.

Daniele Zibetti, fellow Managing partner of GWA, echoed this sentiment, "Also in the past, since the creation of GWA, we have always provided a full range of legal services with the support of local lawyers. Particularly we worked with Calvin Zhang for more than ten years on many successful cases and now was the time to take a step forward and finally create GWA Law Firm with him, with the aim to catch more opportunities and grow GWA brand awareness in the local legal market.”

Finally, Calvin Zhang, Litigation Partner, expressed his view on the new project "I am confident that with GWA Law Firm we will improve our positioning in delivering bespoke solutions to protect our client interests and enforce their rights, mixing international and local expertise and problem-solving attitude.”

The new GWA firm will boast an extensive and diverse dispute resolution team comprising experts in corporate, civil, commercial, labour and intellectual property law, to assist clients directly in more areas of dispute resolution.  GWA, while continuing to represent clients as agent in international arbitration, with the GWA Law Firm will now provide directly a full spectrum of dispute resolution services. This expansion reflects the firm's commitment to meeting the needs of its clients and delivering exceptional results across all areas of legal practice.

The GWA Law firm multicultural team, consisting of both foreign and Chinese professionals, will be led by Calvin Zhang as Litigation partner in tandem with GWA Senior Associate, Filippo Sticconi. Their efforts will be directed and supervised by GWA Managing partners Giovanni Pisacane and Daniele Zibetti, that will serve as Of Counsel of the new firm and support the local team of professionals.


The establishment of GWA Law Firm marks a new era for GWA group, that after dedicating the last few years in expanding across Asia, is still growing in China ready for a further round of expansion abroad.

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