Staff Loan

Our Treasury team support our clients granting a proper bank relationship as well as ensuring an efficient seal custody for let our clients running smoothly treasury operations in China.

Our services include:

Assistance for purchasing of Golden Tax Machine and with invoice (fapiao) issuance

The purchase of the Golden Tax Machine is necessary for allow companies to independently invoice. Moreover, we provide assistance with the invoice (fapiao) issuance.

Bank account management & Payments

Our cashiers manage bank accounts (basic accounts, capital accounts and settlement accounts) in accordance with our client’s instructions and procedure tailored on their control requirements. Our cashiers manage foreign exchange transactions as well as internal payments (e.g. reimbursements) and foreign loan application.

Assistance in Seals and Certificates safe- keeping

Treasury department safe keeping the official company seals (Company Seal, Financial Seal, Legal Representative Seal, Invoice Seal) and manage them according to our client’s instructions.